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LYONS, N.Y. (WROC) — Since July of 2019, News 8 has brought you reports on the Canalside mobile home park in Lyons. In the heat of the summer that year, the park was left with no power for two months while residents had to sweat it out in their homes. In addition to that, there was raw sewage in the park, dozens of potholes, and other serious safety hazards.
The prior owners of the park who had all those difficulties– worked out an agreement, with the State of New York and Providence Housing eventually stepping in. Mark Greisberger with Providence acquired Canalside Park in Lyons in March 2020, working alongside the state. 
“The plan was the re-develop the property as a mobile home park,” says Greisberger.
They wanted to put 25-plus new homes here and fix everything wrong: the sewer lines, the potholes, and upgrade the electricity. Greisberger tried to fastrack the project. 
“I was concerned about the residents who were still living there in somewhat lousy conditions,” he says.
But the population of the park started to drop; the town, not giving assurances they would approve the work,– and the state kept funding the operating deficit. 
“And at one point they just said ‘enough’s enough’ and ‘we’re not going to continue to fund this indefinitely,” he says.
Greisberger says a mutual agreement was made with the state to discontinue the operation. “We changed our focus to how do we take care of the residents who are still there?”
Melissa Lehr still lives at Canalside, and says the work Providence planned to do looked great but says the town wouldn’t give him a chance. 
“I don’t think they have really been looking to help, to be honest,” says Lehr, adding the town likely wants to bulldoze the park.
On that agreement reached between Providence and the state: Lehr and other residents will be getting $20,000 in relocation costs. For her and those who remain, she says this presents an opportunity she never thought possible. 
“For my family and I, we’re looking at buying our first house. That way, all of my kids have their own bedrooms, we can play in a yard,” she says.
Those funds should be coming to residents in January. News 8 did reach out to the Town of Lyons for comment, but they only provided state documents we already had, and provided no comment.
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