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Mobile phones have come a long way in their development. Current mobile phones have processing power and space equal to the best computer 15 years ago. This is a testament to how fast technology advances. 
The rate at which new tech renders old tech obsolete is alarming. This however is good for the future as machines become faster and more efficient. Phones, therefore, can be great assets that you can use to earn passive income. 
Below is a list of how to make money from your smartphone.
1. Install a Passive Income App
Passive income apps help you make extra money online by sharing your Internet bandwidth, data or time. Honeygain pays you to share your extra Internet bandwidth to businesses that need more of it.
On the other hand, SavvyConnect pays you to collect data about your online movements. It tracks data about where your buy stuff online and pay you in return. Other passive apps—Survey Junkie and Swagbucks—pay you to fill in online surveys or watch adverts.
2. Sell your Skills Online
In this age of online classes, you can sell your time and skills for money. All you need is to apply for a job at a tutorial site. Or you could create an online course and sell it on sites like Udemy.
The convenience and flexibility offered by these apps is amazing. You get to choose the time when you are available to teach. This is a great way to supplement your income using your phone. 
3. Working As an Online Freelancer
Most people who earn passively through their phones earn through gig published on online job boards. Mobile freelancing apps will connect you to the customer. More often than not, the customer requests the kind of service they want, and you are required to deliver per the set requirements. 
You are free to choose which service you are comfortable rendering. The earnings for each gig or project are usually posted before starting the job. Upon completion, clients get to rate your work. A higher rating often means more referrals and better pay.
4. Work For a Driving Service
You can use your phone and your vehicle as a means to acquire some extra cash. If you do not mind driving around, you can enroll for uber or Lyft. These are taxi and delivery apps that either pay by the hour or take a commission from your trips. 
If you don’t have a car, don’t worry. You may as well use a motorcycle or a bicycle and enroll for food delivery services.
Food delivery services usually charge higher and pay their drivers more during rush hours and bad weather conditions. If you have some time to spare, this is an excellent way to earn some extra cash.
5. Working As a Customer Service Agent
You can use your phone to enroll to work as a customer service agent. These jobs are hard to come by and often require some type of on-site training before being employed. 
They however pay well and allow you to answer customer calls at the comfort of your home.
6. Getting Paid to Watch Videos, Browse the Internet and Play Games
There are websites and mobile apps out there that pay for you to go through their content. Usually, the companies want to either redirect traffic to their content or see how such content is interacted with. Other websites will pay to watch videos and play a variety of games
The pay is often not large enough to provide a sustainable income but can be used as a supplement to your monthly income. The majority of the websites and apps that offer these kinds of jobs are run by data companies with high-end clients who pay for test runs. 
Other companies pay you to view advertisements. This requires a cheap data plan if you have one. Points are given out for every advertisement you’ve watched. The points are usually convertible to dollars or gift cards.
7. Setting Up a Lock Screen
Here, you get paid to set a specific lock screen on your phone. The lock screen is not meant for security but rather to prevent butt dials (accidental calls to others). The lock screen allows you to unlock your phone using the bottom half of the screen. 
The top half of the screen runs advertisements while your phone is locked. The pay though is not especially good. The average pay is 10 cents a day. This is not bad considering that the application is purely a passive source of income.
8. Investment Applications
You can easily set up an entire investment system using your phone. The internet has made investing easier. Investing applications have low commissions on trading and investing.
There are applications that help you save and invest. Investment, if done properly can have huge payoffs. The requisite knowledge on these financial instruments is readily available online.
9. Investing In Real Estate
You can leverage real estate investments with little upfront capital from your phone. This type of investment is not a reserve for the rich. Instead of constructing a whole duplex on your own, there are mobile apps that grant you access to crowdfunding.
The return you get will be based on how much you invested in the venture. Returns are also commensurate to the amount of money invested.
10. Selling Items Online 
The majority of applications let you sell items online. You can use your phone to post and sell items that you are no longer using. Users on such app are allowed to bid on the item. These applications do not have limits on what merchandise you can sell there.
You can buy valuable things from others and resell them at a higher marked price. You get to pocket the difference. This is an effective way of earning money online using your phone. However, it may require more effort compared to otherapproaches.
In this day and age, a phone can be a great asset. It can be used as a tool to help you earn more. If properly utilized, its benefits are tangible. Many of these passive income generating platforms need some form of active participation, though.
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