Buying guide: Which Nokia smartphone is right for you?

Are you a Nokia fan, but unsure which phone to buy? Find the right Nokia smartphone for you in our Nokia buyers guide, updated with all the top picks for 2019.

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Best overall package: Nokia 8.1

The Nokia 8.1 is currently the best complete package among the Nokia smartphones available. The Android smartphone not only looks chic with its glass surfaces and has superb build quality, it also shines with fast performance, a good selfie camera on the front, and the bare Android 9 Pie as its operating system (well supplied with software updates by manufacturer HMD Global). The absence of wireless charging and IP certification is easy, given the low price of around 400 euros (about $450) you’ll have to pay if you want to buy the Nokia 8.1.

AndroidPIT nokia 8 1 back2
The Nokia 8.1 also looks good / © AndroidPIT

Best battery life: Nokia 7 Plus

The best aspect of the Nokia 7 Plus is clearly the battery. The smartphone can last two days with one battery charge, without any issues. An old Nokia phone would of course handle that, but for modern smartphones it’s a really good value. The Nokia 7 Plus, which also has a very attractive display, a Zeiss camera and a chic design, costs less than 300 euros (about $340) and is therefore also quite inexpensive.

AndroidPIT nokia 7 plus 5001
The Nokia 7 Plus has a really powerful battery / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

Best camera: Nokia 9 PureView

One thing right away: No, the Nokia 9 PureView is not perfect, not even the camera – not yet. The technical basis for the five cameras on the back, whose data are combined to form a single image, is very good. HMD Global is doing this together with Light, who bundle even more cameras in their compact snapshots. The beginnings are promising, with appropriate maintenance through updates, it is to be expected that the camera and the smartphone as a whole will improve step by step over time. The hardware fits, while the software gets better and better. Among the Nokia smartphones whose cameras aren’t the best, the Nokia 9 PureView has by far the greatest potential in this respect.

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Best entry-level smartphone: Nokia 1 Plus

The Nokia 1 with Android Go was Nokia’s entry-level smartphone for a long time, but was recently reissued and replaced by the Nokia 1 Plus. Of course you can’t expect miracles from such a smartphone, but with Android Go you are well supplied with software updates, and the complete package of the Nokia 1 Plus fits as a second smartphone or just for beginners and people who don’t use their phones so much.

AndroidPIT Nokia 1 7136
The predecessor, the Nokia 1, was recently replaced. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

Best retro smartphone: Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia still creates such a nostalgic, retro feeling in many people, and brings back memories of the Nokia phones of the past, whose battery was never empty and which only needed a cover so that the floor wouldn’t break if you dropped them. HMD Global has reissued a few of these iconic phones, and the best compromise between smartphone and classic phone is the Nokia 8110 4G. With KaiOS, it has an operating system to offer, on which there is an app store and even WhatsApp. It works with the 4G network and holds out with a battery charge eternally nevertheless.

AndroidPIT nokia 8110 on the phone
The old Nokia 8110 was my first mobile phone – now it even has LTE reception. / © AndroidPIT

Already using a Nokia smartphone? If so, which one? And are you satisfied with it?

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