Busted and revoked pilot license from inoperative ADS-B technology

Learn how inoperative ADS-B technology in a small aircraft resulted in a pilot permanently losing her license as punishment from the FAA. The full details can be found in the story published on AVweb here:
This video summarizes the severe problems a pilot can face if their ADS-B equipment is turned off or not functioning (as can be discovered by the FAA). Also, find out how easy it is for YOU to use a free AP on your smartphone to track flight records created by anyone’s ADS-B-equipped plane. Understanding these principles can keep you out of big trouble!

One error in the video: (pointed out by a viewer) the APs that allow you to view flight data do not access the FAA’s database or receivers – instead, they rely on a myriad of public receivers around the country to directly access the ADS-B signals and share the data.

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