BiFacial Solar Module Technology Forum: India

With bifacial solar having reached a 2-digit market share in solar installations – and all leading manufacturers of process materials, cells, modules and system components offering now products for this technology, it’s a good time to look at the achievements and challenges of bifacial solar. Although the technology has been around for some time, with commercial production in place for over a decade, Its the time to look through the conditions different now from a few years ago? What is driving this widespread adoption of bifacial PV modules in the present time?

Join our virtual BiFacial Solar Module Technology Forum where we aim to bring together industry experts across the country in a selection of talks on bifacial PV technology and project deployment.

Key Points To Be Discussed:

Market Trends & Gaining Acceptance For BiFacial PV Modules: Global & Indian Module Market Trends & What is Driving This Widespread Adoption Of bifacial Modules In The Present Time?
Evolving Technologies (Advantages & Challenges): Developments in Technologies That Can Improve The Overall Project Efficiency and challenges those need to be overcome
Improvising Durability & Long-term Reliability Assessment For Bifacial Modules: How to evaluate the durability and reliability of current bifacial technologies and devising way to improve the performance
Module Selection To Capture Maximum Output: Key Factors To Consider While Selecting Bifacial Modules
Integrating BiFacial In Solar Projects: Site selection, Design & Constructional Aspects of Bifacial PV Solar Power Plants
Key Considerations to Ensuring Project Bankability & Maximize LCOE: Cost-Benefit Analysis Of using Bi-Facial Modules
Yield Prediction Tools and Their Applications To Achieve Utmost Value: What are the Various Tools and Methods To Evaluate Yield Under Varying Environmental Conditions And System Setups Thus to Maximize ROI

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