Best smart home products at IFA 2019

Philips Hue Filament Bulbs all sizes closeup 2

The Internet of Things may not be as much of a buzz word as it used to be, but the mission of making everything “smart” is going strong. Here are the best new smart home products we saw at IFA 2019!

Best smart home products at IFA 2019:

  1. Philips Hue Filament collection
  2. Lenovo Smart Display 7
  3. Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen)
  4. Nebula Soundbar
  1. Trifo Max home surveillance robot vacuum
  2. Netatmo home security system
  3. Samsung AirDresser
  4. LG ThinQ Fit

1. Philips Hue Filament collection

Philips Hue Filament Bulbs all sizes closeup 1

Philips Hue brings some old school charm to smart bulbs with its latest series. The new Philips Hue Filament bulbs look exactly like an Edison-style bulb with its glowing inner coil.

Of course, it’s still an LED bulb and comes with all the features you’d expect from a Hue smart bulb. You can turn the brightness up or down, set up and control a network of bulbs, and do a whole lot more using just your phone. At up to 550 lumens, these get plenty bright too.

The Philips Hue starts at 19.99 euros (~$22). The Filament collection goes on sale next week in Europe and will be available in the U.S. in October with a starting price of $24.99.

2. Lenovo Smart Display 7

Lenovo Smart Display 7 left profile

Lenovo entered the smart display race with Google Assistant-based 8-inch and 10-inch models last year. At IFA 2019, the company revealed a smaller and cheaper model, the Lenovo Smart Display 7.

The new Lenovo Smart Display 7 has been redesigned to place the speakers at the bottom, giving it a more compact footprint. It has a 2MP wide-angle camera for video calls.  There’s also a dual-microphone array so you can call up Google Assistant. Of course, you can also watch YouTube videos, check out your images via Google Photos, and do a whole lot more.

The speaker comes in a Blizzard White color which looks pretty great. The Lenovo Smart Display 7 will be available at some point in October, priced at $129.99.

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3. Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen)

Amazon Fire TV Cube buttons

Amazon unveiled an assortment of smart entertainment products at IFA, with one of the highlights the 2nd generation of the Fire TV Cube. The most powerful Fire TV product to date comes with a hexa-core processor which allows for 4K UHD and Dolby Vision HDR support.

The new Fire TV Cube also supports Local Voice Control to quickly rattle off the most common voice commands, with improved range and voice detection. If you’re building an Alexa-controlled smart home system, you can use the TV Cube to control everything with your voice as well.

The device is available to pre-order in the U.S. for $119.99, in Canada for CAD $149.99, the U.K. for £109.99, and Germany for €119.99, and also comes with a free 90-day trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. It’s expected to ship on October 10.

4. Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition

Anker Nebula sound bar logo

In addition to the new TV  products, Amazon also announced its first Fire TV Edition Soundbar. Designed in conjunction with Anker, the Nebula Soundbar supports 4K Ultra HD, a unified smart TV interface, near-field Alexa voice control, Dolby Vision pass-through, and more.

Of course, with Fire TV built into the soundbar, you don’t need to get an additional streaming stick. If you buy the Nebula Soundbar, you will also get a free 90-day subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited.

The Nebula Soundbar — Fire TV Edition is launching in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. It’s already up for pre-order, priced at $229.99 in the U.S., £179.99 in the U.K., and €209.99 in Germany. The device is expected to ship on November 21.

5. Trifo Max home surveillance robot vacuum

trifo max home surveillance robot vacuum

We have robot vacuum cleaners and home security systems, but Trifo manages to combine both with the Max. With the addition of a single wide-angle camera at the top of the vacuum and a built-in two-way speaker and mic system, the Max can let you know about intruders as it cleans around the house.

If privacy is a concern, the camera of the Max is a low-resolution shooter that is actually used to help the cleaner navigate around the house. No video or audio info is saved to the cloud and you can add extra layers of security for your account.

Of course, the Trifo Max is also an excellent vacuum cleaner, featuring a 3000Pa suction level at the highest setting. The device will learn how to move around your house and get in and out of tight spots easily over time. Owners can watch it clean in real-time using the Trifo app and the built-in video camera. The Trifo Max is expected to launch later this month, priced at $450.

6. Netatmo home security system

netatmo home security system

Netatmo combines three different smart home products to create a complete home security system. The smart home camera and door and window sensors were launched before, but IFA sees the launch of the third part, a loud 110db siren.

The window and door sensors will detect any unusual movements or attempted break-ins. The camera utilizes facial recognition and will automatically set off the siren if the person is unfamiliar to the system. Of course, you will get notifications via the Netatmo app during all of this.

You can customize the settings to ensure that the system is activated only when you’re out of the house. The siren can also be triggered remotely, and you can even set up other pre-recorded sounds, like the sound of a dog barking.

The best part is that you won’t have any subscription charges to deal with. The Smart Camera is priced at $200, the siren will set you back $80, and a pack 3 sensors is $100. Given the fact that all three are supposed to be combined, we can expect a bundled package to be on offer soon as well.

7. Samsung AirDresser

samsung airdresser dry cleaning at home

If you hate getting dry cleaning done, Samsung’s latest smart home product is tailor-made for you. Called the AirDresser, this “device” doesn’t appear to be anything more than a standard narrow closet at first glance.

The first inclination that something more is going on here is a touchscreen pad on the mirror. Hang up to five articles of clothing on the AirHangers, and that’s when the magic happens. It utilizes a JetAir system to sanitize, deodorize, and steam dry your clothes when it’s in the closet. Just like on a washing machine, you can cycle between care modes and type of material to get the best cleaning program enabled.

No pricing or release date information is available just yet. But assuming that LG set precedent with the Styler, the AirDresser isn’t going to be particularly cheap. Given enough time, it should pay for itself though in saved dry cleaning bills.

8. LG ThinQ Fit

LG thinq fit smart dresser demoed by Dr. I.P. Park

One of the best smart home products I saw at IFA 2019 is also a concept device that won’t be commercially available anytime soon. That said, the LG ThinQ Fit deserves a special mention and is a dream for anyone who dislikes going clothes shopping.

This wardrobe-like device sits in your bedroom and basically works as a virtual dresser. A built-in AI camera captures your measurements and then tells you what size will best fit you. The measurement map is quite accurate and the device can even tell you where certain clothes will be loose or tight.

You can use your voice or swipe through different options from your own clothes or from a store. And if you find the perfect fit, you could even order it directly.

That’s it for this roundup of some of the best new smart home products at IFA 2019! Don’t forget to check out more of our excellent IFA coverage below.

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