Batman’s Gotham comes to London with a fine dining twist

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Think superheroes and you probably think of capes, masks, underground lairs and epic battles with equally-super villains. But fine dining? Not so much.

So when I received an invitation to Park Row, Wonderland Restaurants’ DC Comics-inspired venue in London’s trendy Soho district, it’s fair to say that my curiosity was piqued, along with my taste buds.
Approaching the venue, it seems rather unassuming, as far as venues in Soho go – just a beautiful, old building.

It’s not just any old building, though – it was once part of the Regent Palace, London’s largest hotel.
Now, its Grade II listed ballroom, adorned with light fittings and wood paneling dating back to its heyday, has been shaped into something entirely new.

Even having taken in the Wayne Enterprises logo embedded in the flagstones outside to the library-themed lobby, and the vast, Batcave-inspired black spiral staircase leading down to the main room, it’s hard to make an initial guess at what exactly awaits when you pass through the smokey, blue-lit entrance to the old ballroom.

Immediately, you’re in a real-life Gotham à la Tim Burton in all its art deco glory – except with less of the dystopian hell-scape energy.

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