Australian PC Awards 2021 | Episode 1 – Motherboards & Graphics Cards

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Dive into the 2021 Australian PC Awards and meet the editorial team as we reveal the first set of winners, and discuss the state of play across the world of the PC.

In each episode we’ll break down all the main PC categories, and reveal the best of the best.

First up: Motherboards and graphics cards. Which company is the best maker overall? Which of the many motherboards released lately will win the top spot for Value as well as Premium categories? Hit play and find out!

Editorial team (left to right on couch): Chris Szewczyk, APC & PC Gamer tech writer. David Hollingworth, Editor, TechLife & PC PowerPlay. Ben Mansill, Editor, APC & T3. Joel Burgess APC & TechLife tech writer. Dan Gardiner Managing Editor, TechRadar AU. Host: Nich Richardson.

See all the winners after each show, plus see how to enter the competition at

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