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SHENZHEN, China, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China, today announced that it has recently launched a mobile ad mediation platform to help developers improve monetization efficiency.

According to statistics published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC, as of the end of February 2022, the number of apps monitored in the domestic market totaled 2.35 million, with a net addition of 30,000 in February. As per the quarterly Mobile Internet Industry Report released by Yuehu, a subsidiary of Aurora Mobile, the per capita number of apps installed by mobile users was 66 in the first quarter of 2022, while the average number of installed apps by users older than 25 was 77.
Traffic equals revenue; advertising monetization allows app developers to quickly unlock business value
In the increasingly large and competitive mobile Internet ecosystem, app developers find it difficult to build a fast growing business for the long term in the absence of an efficient and sustainable monetization mechanism to support it.
There are three models of monetization for apps, whether they are games, pan-entertainment, social apps or tool apps: advertising, in-app purchases, and subscription. Of these, advertising is the most widely applicable with the lowest threshold.
As long as traffic is generated, an app may monetize through advertising to quickly convert traffic into commercial value.
As the most common monetization model, advertising has become a very important part of app operations. However, developers face many challenges in maximizing the value of traffic with advertising. These include poor monetization results, difficulty in multi-platform management, and a lack of support from professional teams. Specifically, developers have no effective way to improve monetization efficiency; they find it technically difficult to access multiple ad platforms and perform integrated management effectively; in addition, there is a lack of professional technical and operational teams to guide and support them after their apps access ad platforms, so they are not able to improve monetization in a comprehensive way.
Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform enables efficient monetization
To address developers’ challenges in advertising monetization, Aurora Mobile has launched Mobile Ad Mediation Platform.
Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform enables one-stop SDK-based access to mainstream ad platforms such as, Tencent Youlianghui, and Kuaishou, and at the same time it can also quickly access more than 70 high-return demand-side platforms (DSPs). Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform supports waterfall flow layout, bidding, waterfall flow + bidding mixed mode, allowing multiple advertising networks to fully bid and distribute traffic independently. It can effectively improve ad fill rates and help developers increase income.
Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform supports custom traffic stratification rules and enables traffic differentiation operations, allowing advertisers from different platforms to fully compete. It supports different operational strategies and enables targeted traffic conversion based on user tags in terms of region, channel, age, industry, among others, to enhance monetization.
Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform fully supports main ad formats such as open-screen ad, interstitial ad, and banner, and fits in various monetization scenarios of apps. Ads are naturally integrated with app contents without affecting user experience, in this way, app developers can strike a perfect balance between monetization and user experience.
Strong technology capability and high-quality operation services with an independent position enables more efficient monetization
As a developer-centered provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China, Aurora Mobile has become one of the most trusted partners of mobile developers. As an independent platform, the Company leverages extensive technology accumulation and professional operation services to help developers effectively improve the efficiency of advertising monetization.
For the multiple ad platforms accessed by apps, Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform allows advertisers to fully compete in bidding and the highest price wins. As an independent platform, each bid by advertisers from different platforms is blind, which helps app developers maximize their traffic value through price gap.
With 57.9 billion installations of its software development kits (SDKs) and a monthly active unique device base of 1.44 billion, Aurora Mobile has accumulated extensive information analysis and operational experience. At the back-end of the Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform system, developers can directly compare and analyze the operating information of each ad platform. This transparent and convenient function helps developers with their operational decision-making to effectively improve monetization.
Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform supports traffic hosting and traffic self-operation models. App developers can customize the ad strategies and ad platforms they target, or choose full-process hosting service. Aurora Mobile Ad Mediation Platform provides whole-process professional services from business development to operation, making it easy for developers to improve monetization efficiency. Aurora Mobile’s experienced business development and operation teams enable refined monetization strategies based on market dynamics.
Services enabling traffic monetization through ads have become an important driver fueling the development of the mobile Internet ecosystem. Mobile ad mediation platforms such as AppLovin, ironSource and MoPub represent a mature model that enables app developers to rapidly grow and improve monetization efficiency.
As a service provider with extensive experience in the mobile Internet industry, Aurora Mobile aims to help more mobile developers complete the closed loop of “development-operation-monetization” and achieve sustainable business success.
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