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PTA just announced the DIRBS tax for iPhone 13 variants and the taxes they announced are;
These taxes are supposed to be paid within 30 days of the importation if you are registering the phone on your passport and within 60 days if you are registering them on your ID card.
With the dollar inflation in Pakistan and overall increasing prices of electronic devices in the world, phones are already enough expensive in Pakistan then in the rest of the world and the such thing called “Low-range phones” has been banished from the country. Then there are raised prices by the companies because we don’t have any assembling units in the country, importing cost and whatnot. All these factors cause the phones to exceed the value that these phones are providing compared to modern standards and these are not even the most expensive thing regarding buying a phone in Pakistan.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA) takes like 30-40% DIRBS tax on all imported phones if you are to use them in Pakistan. This thing is insane to think as the government has failed to encourage the foreign investors and tech giants to open any assembling units in Pakistan let alone a manufacturing plant and for their own incompetence, they bully us into paying these crazy taxes.