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Welcome back to Anime Mania! A recent update has brought players back and with more players always comes more codes.
Anime Mania was a big Roblox hit a while back and a new update has brought lots of players back to the game. New updates mean new codes, so check back regularly to see if anything has been added.
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The aim of the game is straightforward: build a team with a bunch of unique anime characters, take them into the arena, and level them up. You'll need gems to reroll your characters, where these codes come in! Roll through lots of times until you get the best characters for your team.
We added new codes on June 23.
All codes are case-sensitive – this means you need to write them or copy and paste them exactly as they are above. All Roblox codes can only be redeemed a single time, so make sure to jump back to check if there are new codes available.
Check back to see if codes get moved into the expired or inactive section.
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It's really easy to redeem codes in Anime Mania – just follow these steps.
Easy as that.
Anime Mania has been around for a while but recently received its first update in quite some time. New characters were added, including a WIP Usopp from the popular anime One Piece. The game is all about assembling a team of anime superheroes, basically. You lead them in the arena and against bots and enemies. Level them up, unlock new skills, and eventually work toward getting cooler members for your anime mega-team.
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