Android 11: what can we expect from Google’s new big update?

Android 10 is still a distant dream for many users but it is inevitable that the developers at Google are already working on Android 11. The new software will be officially released in 2020, probably at the end of the summer, but we can already get an idea about the roadmap and some of the upcoming features.

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Yes, it is still early to talk about the release date of Android 11 considering that Android 10 has been official for three months and available on a limited number of devices. While Google, brand manufacturers, and operators are working on the release of the update to Android 10, we can already begin to speculate about Android 11.

It will take some time until spring 2020, when we’ll finally get to grips with the first beta version of Android 11 and it will probably only during the Google I/O in May when some of the features of the new operating system will be shown. Google will release several more and more complete beta versions until the final firmware is officialized between August and September.

In addition to the Google Pixel smartphones (Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL) a list of selected devices will also be part of the beta testing program (probably from beta three onwards) to help improve the final version.

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Scoped Storage, extended screenshots and Bluetooth active in airplane mode? / © AndroidPIT

Android 11 will integrate new features not present to Android 10. As always, you will have to wait for the final version of the software to actually experience the new features integrated into Android 11. In recent months there will surely be rumors that will allow us to get an idea in advance of Google’s new Android update.

Scoped Storage

This feature should have been part of Android 10 but Google decided to take a little more time before making it available on Android and put it on stand-by. Scoped Storage aims to optimize the speed of memory reading and privacy. What does that mean? Creating a second folder dedicated to the files created by the app in use where the app can read and overwrite any file without the user having to grant permission. It is important to know that this space is not accessible to external apps but only to the app concerned. This is a feature that focuses on privacy and security but will also make the process of reading files faster.

Airplane and Bluetooth modes

According to the XDA developers’ team, in the source code of the operating system one of the new features of Android 11 could be Bluetooth related, which will not be automatically deactivated in airplane mode. This is not big news but those who are used to traveling by plane and use Bluetooth to listen to music will appreciate it.

Extended screenshots

Android 11 could natively allow you to capture extended screenshots without having to rely on third-party applications. The indiscretion, in this case, comes directly from a tweet by Dave Burke, one of the engineers of the Google team. This feature is actually available on some devices but Android 11 could make it native.

Alternative to Android Beam

Android Beam allowed you to transfer files from one device to another using NFC. It has never been a particularly popular feature among users and considering the solutions implemented by the brands themselves, I don’t think many will miss it but it wouldn’t be bad if Google decided to offer a more efficient alternative on Android 11.

What features do you expect to find on Android 11 and what would you like Google to implement? Share your ideas in the comments section below this article.

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