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This week in #TotallyRated, T3 climbed into a limited edition AMR-C01 Racing Simulator chair. After nearly 20 years in the wilderness, #CrashBandicoot made a comeback which got GamesRadar and TechRadar talking. Elsewhere, Tom’s Guide and TechRadar went head to head in their assessment of the #Insta360Go2.

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Bringing together leading titles from across the industry, we hear first hand from those who have reviewed – and rated – the very latest games and products on the market.

In this week’s episode, T3 climbed into a limited edition AMR-C01 Racing Simulator chair.

Created by Aston Martin and British technology company, Curv Racing Simulators, T3’s Spencer Hart was suitably impressed, describing it as ‘simply stunning and totally bespoke’: “If you want it to match the color of your car in your driveway, they will do that for you as well.”

In the world of gaming, after nearly 20 years in the wilderness, a certain genetically enhanced bandicoot made a comeback.

Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time caught the eye of GamesRadar and TechRadar.

“Crash 4 preserves the series’ timeless charms while bringing bold iteration where it’s needed,” said Alex Avard of GamesRadar.
“This is exactly the sequel I could imagine Naughty Dog wishing it had made 20 years ago, and one that can stand proudly alongside the best of the Bandicoot’s back catalogue.”

TechRadar’s Adam Vjestica, was also happy about the return of everyone’s favorite bandicoot: “Crash 4 is a masterful platformer that succeeds in every single department, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a wonderful reminder of just why so many fell in love with the sneaker-clad character all those years ago.

“Welcome back, Crash – just don’t keep us waiting two decades next time.”
Elsewhere in the world of Tech, Tom’s Guide and Techradar got their hands on the Insta360 Go 2.

“I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Insta360 Go, as I found it very difficult to control,” concluded Mike Prospero of Tom’s Guide.

“The Insta360 Go 2’s remote/charging case changes things dramatically. It’s now much easier to use the camera, and Insta360’s app is an excellent complement to the camera.”
However it does still have some issues you should be aware of, as TechRadar’s Mark Wilson explained: “It has great quality for a Tiny camera but it’s not 4k.

“The Insta360 Go 2’s maximum capture resolution is 1440p, a step below 4K. While we’re quite impressed by the image quality, the footage gives you less scope for cropping.”

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