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Dedicated to the Memory of Adolph “Oz Rock” Alvarez & Vincent “Mr. Animation” Foster (R.I.P)
Video Info: Absolute Amazing Documentary about the Rise and Demise of the Breakin/Breakdance Scene on the Westcoast Scene (L.A.) with rare Footage & Interviews from 1984 till circa 1989. It features the former Dynamic Rockers & Rock Steady Crew Member “OZ Rock”* (Rest in Peace), the incredible “Mr. Animation”** (also Rest in Peace), Allround Artist & Dancer “Flat Top”, “Lil Ceasar”, “Orko” and many more. You can see Footage of the of the legendary Club “Radiotron” (Formerly “Radio Club”), which was the filming Location of the Movies “Breakin”, “Breakin 2 – Electric Boogaloo”, as well as the 1983 Documentary “Breakin N Enterin”. Right before the Shooting of “Breakin”, a man named “Carmelo Alvarez” took over the Club and turned it to a sort of Youth & Culture Center. He is also a Part of this Documentary. There is also fantastic general History Lesson of Breakin included. A Must watch!

* Adolph “Oz Rock” Alvarez relocated from the East Coast to LA and was maybe the most athletic and innovative Breaker at his Time. He dated the beautiful Darlene Ortiz before Rapper Ice T and was featured in various Movies like “Body Rock”, etc. and Commercials (Mountian Dew, etc.) This Film also gives you a glimpse of his tragic Live Story and too early young death….Rest in Peace.

**Vincent “Mr. Animation” Foster was a incredible Powerful, Charismatic and Entertaining Dancer. After the Breakin Scene died down, he successfully worked as a Entertainer on the Streets of LA and beyond. He sadly got killed in a Car Accident in 2016. Rest in Peace.

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Intro & Outro Animation by: Fernando Marquez (Thank you!)
Video Re-Edit & Audio Restauration: Detlef “Rick Ski Rick

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