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NEW YORK (PRWEB) August 03, 2022
Alumni Spotlight is pleased to announce The Top 50 University Alumni in Information Technology of 2022. Whether leading a specialized IT services firm or a well-established global player, this year’s awardees are the movers and shakers of the industry. This award is given to those who have been educated at some of the top universities across the country and later went on to contribute to the vast field of information technology. Their expertise and vision have led to measurable and notable success to the organizations they serve.
Among this year’s awardees is Al Hamid, Global Chief Technology Officer for IBM, who has spent the past two decades with the company leading in the development of emerging technologies; Andrew Gilman, Chief Marketing Officer of NWN Carousel, who over the past 3 years has transformed and positioned the national technology company into a powerhouse doubling revenue in 2021; and Dwayne Allen, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Unisys, an innovation catalyst, and transformation specialist who is dedicated to reimagining the future of disruptive digital and IT strategies.
We applaud this group of individuals for their achievements and success. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of The Top 50 University Alumni in Information Technology of 2022.
Alex Veytsman (Dell Technologies), Jack Forestell (Visa), Al Hamid (IBM), Sylvan Morley (Lumen), Andreea Roberts (Cognizant), Andrew Gilman (NWN Carousel), Todd Steitle (Cyxtera), Dwayne Allen (Unisys), Kurt Steege (ThunderCat Technology), David Landreman (Olive), Eric Carter (New Era Technology), Doug Mow (Net at Work), Duri Chitayat (Safeguard Global), Rashmi Chaturvedi (Kaygen), Paul Giedraitis (Orgaimi), Aaron Myers (Suited), Kevin Eison (The Bureau), M Brett Jaffee (Caddy Time), Parham Eftekhari (CyberRisk Alliance), Emilio Galan (Robin Healthcare), Brian McLaughlin (Alula), Nick Chakalos (VideoAmp), James Chester (Assured Products Group), Douglas Neff (Cognosante), Paul Woods (Synapse Wireless), and many others.
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