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Published: 28/Dec/2021 13:30 Updated: 29/Dec/2021 12:36
AFK Arena’s codes are always changing, with new ones to redeem every month. Here are the latest codes you’ll need.


Every month, Lilith Games implements new redemption codes in AFK Arena for players to redeem, granting exclusive rewards to help them progress in the game, from Hero Scrolls to Rare Soulstones.
For December, we’ve gathered together every available redemption code so far that you’ll need to start of the month.
Updated December 28, 2021, to check for new codes.
Here are all of the more recent redemption codes for AFK Arena. These have been tested in-app, and are confirmed to be working as of December 28, 2021.
The process of redeeming your AFK Arena codes is quite simple, and it only takes a few steps. We’ll run over this process down below:
Below is a list of all currently expired promo codes within AFK Arena:
As shown in the tables above, these are useful for players as they grant access to resources such as Diamonds, Gold, Hero Essence, Hero Scrolls, and Soulstones. Similar to codes used in other titles, the ones released for AFK Arena are redeemable codes that developer Lilith Games releases at the beginning of every month.
Since these codes are made public each month, players should take advantage of these while they have the chance, as they can go a long way in helping you progress through your journey in AFK Arena.
Typically, as Lilith Games releases new codes at the tail-end of each month, this also means many of them will expire around the same time. From there, players will have around 29-30 days to redeem codes for a given month.
So, there you have it. All you need to know about AFK Arena’s redemption codes for January 2022.
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