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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – A mobile grocery story is working to make sure high prices don’t affect the people they serve.
Tiffany Terrell, founder of A Better Ways Grocers, said they have to fill up a few times a week. What used to cost $150 is now anywhere from $300 to $500.
The mobile food truck works in multiple counties in Southwest Georgia and has been for the past 3 years.
Even with record gas prices, they’re continuing their work, but see the strain in costs.
Terrell said the prices are causing their vendors to increase delivery fees and produce costs, but they’re still managing to keep their prices the same with community partners.
“We are able to offer our customers a discount. They get 50% off locally grown vegetables and without Department of Buffalo, we’re able to offer them an additional $5 off,” said Terrell.
After record heat, they’re starting a new delivery program to help senior citizens stay safe.
Ava McDonald is one of those people. She’s been using A Better Way Grocers for the past 2 years. She said for people like her, it has been a life saver.
“It’s really nice. We have a few people that have mobility issues like me, but they don’t have a wheelchair. Miss Tiffany will come from there to your house, take your order and go back and fill your order for you,” said McDonald.
Many of the people in her neighborhood also use the resource and have started helping each other.
“Some people may not be able to cook a lot and so some of the neighbors cook for each other. Some of them, if they’re gone for a doctor’s appointment, they’ll tell me and I’ll get them what they need,” said McDonald.
The mobile grocery store has over 200 meats vegetable and fruits to choose from. The goal is to make healthy fresh food more accessible.
″Food is a basic need, and we want to provide a resource that keeps people healthy keeps people happy. We have no choice but to keep doing it,” said Terrell.
A Better Way Grocers serve a little more than 70 people per week.
To contact A Better Way Grocers, you can call (229) 343-0445.
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