Airpods Studio, Nuraloop Headphones and the Dell XPS 15 review | Noise Cancelling Podcast 011

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More tech news and painfully honest reviews from Gareth and Sherri as they’re joined by Gerald Lynch, Executive Editor of TechRadar.

Show timestamps
00:25 – TR announcement
01:05 – Xbox Gameplay reveal
05:59 – New Airpods Studio
11:52 – iPhone 12 Leaks
13:36 – Gerald sings
14:03 – New Macbook Pro 13 review
19:02 – NuraLoop review
23:16 – Dell XPS 15 Review
27:30 – Family tech support
34:26 – Sherri’s fire alarm

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iPhone 12 leaks –

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The Macbook Pro 13 review –

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Dell XPS 15 review –

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Social distancing tech support is a (k)nightmare!

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