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Can’t find the time to keep up with tech news? Looking for some awesome lockdown listening? We have you covered with the Noise Cancelling podcast, which is brought to you by TechRadar and our sister sites Laptop Mag and Tom’s Guide.

The show is presented by Gareth Beavis, Editor in Chief of TechRadar, and Sherri L. Smith, Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag.

This week our guests are Andy Madden, Deputy Editor at What Hi-Fi?, and Ian Morris, Editor at, who join us (remotely, of course) to talk about the last seven days in tech.

Show Headlines
00:00 Start
01:58 Spotify is increasing it’s prices
10:04 Sherri’s history with headphones
12:34 Andy’s favorite headphones
14:44 Wireless vs Wired headphones
15:45 Are Airpods Max actually good?
17:07 Sherri’s $10,000 headphones
18:33 Nuraphone and nuraloop
20:07 Getting old and losing our hearing
24:53 The best and worse wireless earbuds
36:04 Sony WH-100XM4 – Gadget Hall of Fame
37:57 Atari Lynx – Gadget Hall of Fame
39:39 Sony NWH G5 – Gadget Hall of Fame
43:12 Air Tags Reviews
46:17 Sign off

This week the gang have two audio experts on the podcast and so spend most of the episode reminiscing about the best and worst headphones they have ever used. Sherri misses her yearly trip to the Sennheiser CES booth where she uses their $10,000 headphones and Gareth lets us all know what he thinks of the Apple Air Tags now they have finally released and have been tested.

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