Aaron Rodgers sports eccentric haircut in Week 2 game against Chicago Bears – NBC Sports

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Aaron Rodgers is an eccentric guy. 
He has an astrology-inspired tattoo, Nicholas Cage impersonations, participation with hallucinogens and a plethora of oddball stories from his time in the spotlight. 
The four-time NFL MVP quarterback added another to his resume with a new haircut. He left all the hair from his long locks on top and buzzed the sides to give him an interesting new appearance for Sunday’s game against the Bears
What pushed Rodgers over the edge to get a fresh cut?
“I think when I saw my picture from the NFL Honors, I said, ‘Woof. Might be time,'” Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee show. “So, after I did all my hippy s–t, at some point I’m gonna cut this. It just finally came to be last Friday.”
Rodgers drew plenty of attention with his new cut. Twitter reacted hilariously to the quarterback’s new look. 
“Give me the @OfficialAJHawk”

GREAT NEW LID @AaronRodgers12 pic.twitter.com/KJRBIlg1Vi
“This is not the haircut I asked for.”
— Aaron Rodgers, probably https://t.co/WLTsZgv5Gp
Liking Aaron Rodgers new haircut. pic.twitter.com/vR3TurzfYz
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