A Galaxy Note 10 without keys existed, but was scrapped


Remember when we used to talk about the possible existence of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 without physical buttons? Well, the device in question existed, but Samsung decided to cancel it.

Only a few months ago the first rumors appeared online that the next Galaxy Note 10 would be a particularly innovative device due to the absence of physical keys. However, as we approach its presentation and in the light of the various renderings and official images leaked, it is quite clear that it will not be so.

But, apparently, Samsung really thought about it but had to cancel the project. Ice Universe published the evidence in this latest tweet. Take a look at the comparative images below:

The device on the left is the Galaxy Note 10 that will be presented on August 7, while the one on the right is the so-called “Project R6”, the smartphone without physical buttons. As you can see, it uses the same display as the Galaxy Note 10, which confirms what we reported months ago.

Do you agree with Samsung’s decision?

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