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Complete SEO Certification Training Bundle

Google receives over one trillion searches each year. The first page of Google search results get the vast majority of that traffic, and ultimately more profits. If you’re not currently ranking on the first page of search engines, you’re missing out.

For that reason, every website worth its salt employs SEO specialists, including Android Authority. If you have expertise in this field then there are a vast number of career opportunities out there.

That’s where the Complete SEO Certification Training Bundle comes in. This eight-part bundle is a 38-hour masterclass in all things SEO. You’ll learn how to use social media, WordPress, Google Adwords, and other tools to maximize SEO and traffic driven to a site.

SEO Certification Training

This learning kit is so all-encompassing that it goes beyond search engine optimization. For instance, one of the courses focuses on conversion rate, which is about increasing the percentage of visitors to the site who go on to click, inquire, and buy.

On top of all that, each course in the bundle comes with a certificate of completion so that you can validate your training and land those lucrative roles.

The SEO Certification Training Bundle:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization — $94.99 value
  • Social Media for Business Strategy — $94.99 value
  • SEO for Webmasters — $199.99 value
  • SEO Basics: Tips for Ranking Better — $189.99 value
  • How To Create Brilliant Facebook Ads For Your Business — $24.99 value
  • SEO WordPress: Rank Higher on Google, Bing & Yahoo — $99.99 value
  • Content Marketing: The Strategy to Market in Minutes — $74.99 value
  • Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords — $199.99 value

There’s almost $1,000 of expert-led SEO training in the bundle, but right now it’s subject to a huge price drop. While the promotion lasts, you can pick up the bundle for just $30.

The deal soon, but if you sign up in time you get access for life. To join the 1,800 people who have already enrolled, hit the button below.

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