7 Best Bookmark Managers

Web browsers have constantly evolved over the years and content is being added to the web on a behemoth scale. How do you handle such large inflow of data without proper means to organize your favorite webpages out of them? Bookmarks were a thing since the medieval past, more than a century ago and they’re now indispensable even in the age of the Internet. What has made them so vital is the simplicity that they add to our handling of data on the web.

Find something interesting and wish to visit again without losing it? Bookmarks are the way. With integrations to all major web browsers and even standalone mobile and web applications, Bookmarks have evolved with the rapid changes to the Internet. While only web browser extensions should suffice this task, most of them fall short when it comes to organizing these bookmarks efficiently.

Best Bookmark Managers

There are bookmark managers that go beyond the browser extensions to provide users with an efficient way of handling their bookmarked webpages. Here we will be covering 7 of those powerful bookmark managers that you will ever need!

1. Save to Pocket


Pocket is by far the most comprehensive tool for managing your bookmarks, no matter which device you’re on. It offers a perfect bookmarking tool that covers major web browser extensions, Mobile apps, web based interface and much more. Pocket’s bookmarklets are available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. When you hit the ‘Tick icon’ of Pocket in your browser, the link will be automatically saved to your profile. You can also add tags to individual links to make it easy to find them later.

Apart from the web browser extensions, Pocket also allows users to send an Email to [email protected] with Subject as the title and the link in the body content. It also features a web-based interface that allows you to view all your bookmarked pages, categorized by favorites, articles, tags, images, videos and much more. Pocket’s iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, BlackBerry and more mobile applications also allow you to add and manage your bookmarks on-the-go. All in all, one of the most widely popular tool for managing bookmarks, Pocket app has got you covered on all fronts.

Key features: Save Bookmarks through Web browser extension, Mobile apps, Email, desktop application, access and manage bookmarks through web-based interface and more.

Platforms Supported: Web-based interface, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension, Android/iOS/BlackBerry/Windows Phone mobile applications, Windows and Mac OS X desktop applications.

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2. iCloud Bookmarks

iCloud Bookmark manager

Apple’s iCloud bookmark is a tool that lets its users sync smoothly between all of their Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and Mac. It also allows Apple users to sync their saved bookmarks seamlessly between all of the registered devices. With the iCloud Bookmarkss extension, now your saved bookmarks will be seamlessly integrated over all of your registered Apple devices. While It is primarily used to Sync and backup Music, videos and documents, it also includes support for actively syncing all of your bookmarks over different devices. iCloud Bookmarks now allows you to integrate your bookmarks on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer easily with bookmarks from your Safari Browser on different Apple devices.

Key Features: Easily sync between Windows based and Apple based bookmarks, Sync Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome/Internet Explorer bookmarks with Safari bookmarks.

Platforms Supported: Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome/Internet Explorer Extensions.

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3. Xmarks Bookmark Sync


With close to 3 Billion webpages synchronised using this tool, Xmarks is a reliable tool for syncing your bookmarks across different web browsers. With support for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari; Xmarks offers comprehensive bookmarking syncing across all of these web browsers. Install the respective web browser extension and hit the ‘Xmarks’ icon in the taskbar to sync all your passwords and Bookmarks to your Xmarks account and across all of your other browsers in use.

Xmarks also allows your bookmarks to be accessed from their web-based interface, which can be accessed at my.xmarks.com. This page allows you to have an overview of all of your saved bookmarks and passwords. This portal also allows you to share individual folders of bookmark collection to different users. Password Syncing is also supported through the LastPass add-on. Duplication of Bookmarks, Exporting/Restoring Bookmarks, Importing from Delicious Bookmarks are some of the additional capabilities of Xmarks Bookmark Sync. A must have tool for users operating on different browsers and are constantly in need of a proper sync between them.

Xmarks also offers Premium services which grant access to their iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry applications to manage your Bookmarks on the go.



Key Features: Syncing between All major web browsers supported, Import from Delicious, Export/Restore Bookmarks, Password syncing and more.

Platforms Supported: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari web browser extensions, Web-based interface; iPhone/Android/BlackBerry/Windows Phone applications (Only with Xmarks Premium Support).

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4. Delicious Bookmarks


Delicious is by far one of the oldest bookmarking service on the web right now. This social bookmarking service offers extensions for all major browsers and also a web interface that lets users share, save the link or up vote the links shared to the network. Once you register to it, you can easily manage your saved Bookmarks through their web interface. By clicking on the Delicious icon on your web browser, you can give the Bookmark an apt title, suitable tags, comment description, make it public/private or even share them directly to your Facebook or Twitter profile.

Delicious is more than just a bookmark manager. It allows you to follow different users and have interesting links shared by them displayed on your ‘Networks’ tab. You can also subscribe to different topics and groups to receive updates related to that field. Based on your interests, you can also view Top trending topics in your selected field of interest. Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Delicious is the Bookmark manager tool for you if being Socially active is your thing.

Key Features: Social bookmarking application, Easily Save Links or Share links to Facebook and Twitter, Follow different users, Discover newly trending topics and more.

Platforms Supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Web-based interface.

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5. Diigo


Diigo is a versatile and powerful bookmark manager app that offers users a lot of tools to be connected to their services. One of the key feature of Diigo is its ability to add annotations to your Bookmarks. By using one of their web browser extensions, It allows users to highlight relevant content by using the ‘Annotate‘ option from the Diigo bookmarklet. Diigo also allows users to save the webpage to read it later or take a screenshot of the webpage. The best thing about ‘Read Later‘ feature is it saves the webpage to the archive, so no more losing webpages to broken links.

Diigo also allows you to add links to your profile by Emailing them to a user-specific Email address. Exporting and Importing of Bookmarks is fairly easy with Diigo. It also offers Web browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. In addition to it, Web highlighter, Diigo browser for iOS, Android and Mac apps make the Diigo experience worthwhile. On your web interface at Diigo, you can filter all your bookmarks on the basis of the tags assigned to them. It also acts as a social bookmarking network, that lets you discover new content shared by other people and join relevant groups and share links with each other.

Key Features: Annotate Bookmarks, Take a screenshot, Read it later, Discover and join groups, Different mobile apps and browser extensions, Send by Email, Import/Export Bookmarks.

Platforms Supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer browser extensions; Android, iOS and Mac applications.

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6. Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks is a standalone cloud-based Bookmark manager tool developed by Google in 2005. This tool is no way similar to the default bookmark manager that you are accustomed to, in browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Google Bookmarks comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. What this handy tool does is it adds a webpage to your Google Bookmark account, stored on a cloud server. The bookmarklet allows you to easily add webpages with Labels and Notes to them and save it right to your Google Bookmarks cloud account.

Saved bookmarks could be accessed from your own Google Bookmarks account and you can choose to Visit those links, Edit Labels, Links or Notes or Remove them from your cloud storage. These bookmarked webpages are entirely on Google Cloud services and will not be synced with your browser bookmarks. This is a great tool if you wish to keep your bookmarks on the cloud with Google.


Key Features: All bookmarks completely stored on cloud, Add Labels/Notes to Bookmarks and more.

Platforms Supported: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Web-based interface to access saved bookmarks.

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7. Dewey Bookmarks

Dewey Bookmarks

Dewey Bookmarks is an add-on for Google Chrome that helps you to better visualize and manage your bookmarks. The extension gathers all of your Google Chrome Bookmarks and features them in a strikingly beautiful card-based layout on the web. Your bookmarks could be easily accessed and edited. You can add new ‘Tags‘ to it, to make it easier to access them at a later point of time.

Dewey Bookmarks allows users to sort their bookmarks by Title, URL or Date of their entry. The top level Search bar makes it easier for users to find their bookmarked webpages. Not only you can search for key terms in the title, an addition of ‘URL:’ before your search keyword makes it easier for you to search bookmarks based on keywords included in the webpage’s URL. Dewey is a web-based Bookmark manager tool for your Google Chrome based bookmarks. You can also choose to import other Bookmarks to Chrome and then use Dewey Bookmarks to easily manage all of your Bookmarks at a single place.

Key Features: Powerful Bookmarks Search engine, Beautifully laid out Bookmarks, Edit, View or Delete Bookmarks.

Platforms Supported: Web-based Google Chrome Bookmark manager.

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