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There are loads of great games available for your smartphone, but how can you pick out the gems from the dross, and amazing touchscreen experiences from botched console ports? With our lists, that’s how!

We cover the best titles on mobile right now, including the finest RPGs, puzzlers, adventure games, arcade titles and more.

The first game we’d recommend is Genshin Impact, which has absolutely taken the mobile gaming world by storm recently. It’s an open-world JRPG which has been compared a lot to Zelda’s Breath of the Wild.

There’s plenty of hours of content here, a vast and beautiful world to explore, and loads of quests to complete. Best of all, the game is free, though you can pay extra for some in-game bonuses if you like.

Next up is Civilization 6 – that’s right, the popular PC strategy game is available on your handheld device, though it’s best for powerful phones or tablets. It’s free to play for 60 turns, after that you pay £20 for the same experience you’d get on PC.

The civilization series are classic strategy games – in them you start a civilization as you expand your territories, develop technologies and beliefs and fight off – or conquer – other civilizations. The unofficial slogan for the series is ‘One More Turn’ because it’s so addictive that once you start playing, you want to keep playing ‘just one more turn’

Now we’re going to look at another game which has recently become incredibly popular – Among Us, a free-to-play game which is also on PC and works on almost any smartphone.

Among Us is a party game you play with people online, in which you’re on a spaceship with a few other players and need to complete several menial tasks. However one of the players is actually an imposter. Their job is to slowly pick off the other players one at a time without being detected, and without the other players working out who it is. The game is as tense as it is funny, and the great online community for the game makes it one to play.

If you’re a fan of action games, Call of Duty Mobile should definitely be on your radar, as since it launched it’s become one of the most popular multiplayer mobile shooters.

Games of call of duty mobile are about five minutes long, and they consist of classic call of duty shooter action played out in some of the popular maps from the main games. There’s also a battle royale mode if you want a different style of map.

Call of Duty Mobile constantly gets updated with new modes and weapons, and its controls make it a cut above the competition in terms of how it plays.

Our last game to recommend is Bloons TD 6, which is a few years old now, but remains the most popular entry in the beloved ‘Bloons’ series of tower defence games and one of the most popular phone games overall too.

In bloons games, a series of balloons floats along a path on a map, and you need to stop them getting to the end. You do this by positioning monkeys along the path, who pop said balloons for you. It’s a classic tower defence game made better by the goofy-fun visuals, and a great level of polish and balance that’s to be expected given this is the sixth entry in the franchise.

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