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Elon Musk has revealed who he is, in his opinion, the inventor of bitcoin. And major research agrees with him.
Many users are detecting unauthorized access to your accounts, and accuse the password manager LastPass, which denies it.
NVIDIA has paid billions of euros extra to make sure the semiconductors of your RTX 4000 graphics cards. And we already know who is going to pay for all that: us.
Samsung’s app store is not as secure as it should be and would be full of malicious apps. Read the news
The HDMI format gets tangled up: HDMI 2.1a standard announced, to make things even more messy. Read the news
Communication mediated by AI and algorithms that seek to help us be kinder to others. Read the news
Elon Musk Reveals Who The Inventor Of Bitcoin Is, And Top Researchers Agree. Read the news
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Cryptocurrencies: the money revolution that can stay with us in a few years. Read the news
LastPass accused of having suffered a possible master password leak. Read the news
The latest rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would have a surprising storage capacity. Read the news
Instagram may change completely in 2022 and the big bet of the social network will be the Reels. Read the news
2 TB microSD cards: many mobiles support them but nobody can buy them, why? Read the news
OPPO could be preparing a device with a screen on the back just like the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Read the news
Simple settings that will make your iPhone more secure and that hardly anyone activates. Read the news
Apple Music keeps its word and updates its entire catalog with the songs in high quality without loss. Read the news
An i5 beating an i9: Intel’s 12th Gen destroys the previous generation. Read the news
The cost of the semiconductor crisis: NVIDIA pays billions of euros to secure the RTX 4000 generation. Read the news
How to write by voice in Windows 11 without having to type anything. Read the tutorial
If you are fed up with spam, we give you some tips to get rid of this annoyance. Read the news
Why Bitcoin Hasn’t Hit the Promised 100,000 Barrier in 2021 – Will it Be able to Get There in 2022? Read the news
How is the Sony WF-C500 wireless headphones like? Read the analysis and opinion
What is the best way to pay from your mobile in 2022. Check the list
Healthy drinks easy to make at home that help you lose weight and lose weight. Read the news
The OCU chooses the best supermarket roscón de reyes in 2021 and the result is disappointing. Read the news
The Witcher will not go beyond the books, according to its showrunner. Read the news
The director of Don’t Look Up explains the final three? from the Netflix movie. Read the news
The second season is not even confirmed and The Squid Game is already negotiating a third season. Read the news
If you have some of these phones, forget about Android Auto forever. Read the news
How to know if you can avoid a traffic ticket by default. Read the news
The new Traffic Law will add these new regulations on March 21, 2022. Read the news
Which has priority? A review of the DGT signs that every driver should do. Read the news
It’s back to class: researchers discover a hitherto unknown part of the human anatomy. Read the news
These diseases are related to poor oral health. Read the news
If you have had coronavirus you should also change the head of your toothbrush. Read the news
The best alternatives to grapes for the end of the year. Read the news
Nissan’s autonomous chair for queuing. Read the news
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