12 Best LogMeIn Alternatives You Should Use in 2019

No matter where you are – at home or halfway around the globe – you can control and keep track of your business right from your fingertips so long as you have a powerful remote access tool like LogMeIn at your disposal. Whether it’s providing instant access to remote computers or seamless collaboration on files, the software excels in delivering a great remote management solution. If there are any cons that users complain about, it’s the sluggishness and clunky UI that demands a steep learning curve. Moreover, many users think that the remote connectivity platform warrants a rather high price tag that stands at $349.99/year for LogMeIn Pro and $108.25/Month for the remote desktop support. If you are one of those who have decided to look beyond this remote access software for a faster, more efficient or cheaper alternative, this extensive roundup of the best LogMeIn alternatives of 2019 has got you fully covered.

Best LogMeIn Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Though there dozens of notable remote connectivity platforms in the market, not all of them can replace LogMeIn. So, I have meticulously picked out the rivals based on the features that make this popular remote access tool stand out. Whether it’s the high-end safeguard for remote access, smooth collaboration or hassle-free file transfer, the following roster of the best remote access software like LogMeIn can live up to your expectations.

1. ConnectWise Control

In terms of efficiency, “ConnectWise Control” is very similar to LogMeIn. So, it deserves to walk into this extensive lineup. This remote access software provides both the desired flexibility and full remote control capabilities so that you can control devices proficiently. Like LogMeIn, it’s quite straightforward to set up ConnectWise Control. With a very minimal learning curve, getting a good hang of the entire software is not a big deal.

ConnectWise Control

Another department where ConnectWise Control is at par with LogMeIn is reliable performance. It’s available across platforms, allowing you to take control of your business from almost any device. On the security front, it’s not behind either thanks to the AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication. Thus, your remote access will always have the trusted safeguard to keep the prying eyes at bay. As for pricing, ConnectWise Control comes at $19/month that makes it a pretty affordable alternative to LogMeIn.


  • Minimal learning curve 
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Two-factor authentication


  • The organization and search abilities are not at par with the best

Pricing: Up to 30-day free trial, $19/month (paid annually), one user can make one connection 

Visit: Website

2. Splashtop

Next in line of the best remote access tools like LogMeIn is “Splashtop” (previously Splashtop Remote). What makes it a notable contender is the ability to offer the best of both worlds: reliable remote desktop solution and highly affordable price. So, if you are hunting for a reasonably good LogMeIn alternative without having to dole out a lot of bucks, keep it in mind.


Beyond competitive pricing, Splashtop is pretty easy to set up and allows you to access and manage computers with ease. With a neat user-interface coupled with easy-to-use features, you won’t find it difficult to master this software. Even on the security front, Splashtop can make a match with what LogMeIn has to offer. Aside from encrypting all of your sessions with TLS and 256-bit AES, it provides additional safeguards in the form of two-step verification and device authentication.


  • Pretty easy to set up
  • Reliable remote desktop solution and highly affordable price
  • TLS and 256-bit AES encryptions 
  • Two-step verification and device authentication


  • Remote printing is a bit complex to use 

Pricing: 7-day free trial, $5/month (paid annually), for individual use and allows access of 2 computers

Visit: Website

3. TeamViewer

I guess you already expected this popular remote access software to find a spot in this roundup, didn’t you? When it comes to providing fast and secure remote access, there are very few solutions (including LogMeIn) in the market that can beat this tool. That’s the prime reason why it has been my favorite for long.


What has always propelled me towards TeamViewer is the dead-simple set-up. That means you can get started with this tool within no time, unlike LogMeIn that seems a bit clunky and requires a good amount of learning curve. Another feature that makes it a great option is the ability to set alert thresholds to cut down downtime and also spot issues. Talking about security, TeamViewer provides end-to-end encryption and ISO 27001 certified data centers, ensuring your remote access has the much-needed protection against cyber threats.

Unlike LogMeIn, it comes for free for personal use. But if you want to use it for your business, you will need to shell out $49/month (or $588/year) which is definitely on the expensive side of the spectrum. That being said, it does let you manage 200 devicds for this price which makes it overall a cheaper alternative. If you are looking for a free LogMeIn alternative, the freemium version would be the right way to go. Besides, if you don’t mind walking some extra miles in favor of better efficiency, the pro version won’t be a bad deal either.


  • Fast and secure remote access
  • Set alert thresholds
  • Provides end-to-end encryption and ISO 27001 certified data centers


  • The data transfer host doesn’t work consistently 
  • The premium version is too pricey if you are not managing more than a few devices

Pricing: Free, $49/month (or $588/year)

Visit: Website

4. Parallels Access

When it comes to providing the fastest remote access, “Parallels Access” can give LogMeIn a run for its money. Yes, you heard it right! The software comes with a universal file manager to let you manage all of your files smoothly on the remote computers, on your local device or in the cloud. Interface-wise, it puts more emphasis on simplicity, allowing you to manage your devices comfortably.

My Parallels

Unlike many other counterparts including LogMeIn, it runs smoothly even on 3G. Times when you are at a remote location where you don’t have a strong internet connection, this could turn out to be a savior. It has a useful application technology that allows you to run all of your desktop apps comfortably on your mobile device like iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. In terms of pricing, Parallels Access is a lot cheaper than LogMeIn which makes it a fine option for those who want a fast and reliable remote access platform at a relatively low price. If you want to use remote access for your personal use, this is one of the best LogMeIn alternatives on the market right now.


  • Runs smoothly 
  • Universal file manager
  • Useful application technology


  • Needs to step up in productivity and collaboration aspects 

Pricing: 14-days free trial, $99/year (One user account, unlimited mobile devices, and allows to connect up to five computers)

Visit: Website

5. BeyondTrust

“BeyondTrust” has long been a noted remote access tool. And if you have been using remote management solution for your business, chances are high that you may have already come across this software. For those unfamiliar, the tool aims to provide a unified solution with high-end security and desired flexibility. So, if LogMeIn doesn’t seem to provide you the required unified experience for your business, BeyondTrust would be a much better option.


With this tool, you can easily manage and keep track of privileged passwords. The software also features smart vulnerability management to help you make more informed privilege decisions. It provides over 280 privilege and vulnerability reports so that you get much better risk insights. Furthermore, you also have the option to share your security data using highly secure connectors.

Talking about price, it’s highly expensive, coming at $1995/year as compared to LogMeIn’s $349.99/year price. However, considering the top-of-the-line unified experience and protection, it’s a great alternative to LogMeIn for the folks who put more emphasis on security.


  • Unified solution with high-end security 
  • Easily manage and keep track of privileged passwords
  • Over 280 privilege and vulnerability reports


  • Too expensive to fit into everyone’s budget 

Pricing: 7-day free trial, $1995 per concurrent license (billed annually)

Visit: Website

6. SimpleHelp

When you don’t want to get into complexities and handle all of your tasks comfortably, you need a straightforward remote access tool like “SimpleHelp”. Despite being one of the most feature-packed remote access apps in the market, it’s quite easy to deal with, unlike LogMeIn. Aside from more focus on easy-to-use functionality, the app is also one of the fastest in the market when it comes to having an instant connection to remote computers. So, you can comfortably view the screens and also be able to control devices without going through any roundabout process.


The remote access app comes with a scalable interface that provides both standard and high-resolution displays. And with the app tunnels at the disposal, you can securely connect to third-party services on a remote network. To keep you in the loop with every important action, it also offers custom alerts.

There is a super handy file transfer feature to let you manage files and seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues. Both in terms of collaboration and productivity, “SimpleHelp” seems to be on par with LogMeIn. On top of all, it comes with advanced diagnostics mode that makes it a bit easier to track down the performance-related issues. Overall, SimpleHelp is an able alternative to LogMeIn that can easily fit into both your personal and business needs.


  • Scalable interface
  • App tunnels
  • Super handy file transfer feature
  • Advanced diagnostics mode


  • At times, the app tunnels feel buggy

Pricing: 30-day free trial, $27 per session (5 bundles)

Visit: Website

7. Goverlan

Looking for a LogMeIn alternative to boost productivity? “Goverlan” could be the right answer to your needs. The software provides quick access to attended/unattended computers and also comes with a performance monitoring feature to keep you in sync with your IT environment. Another notable feature of this app is the multiple connection options that enable you to connect to the remote devices – irrespective of where they are located – without any issue.


As far as collaboration is concerned, Goverlan is a touch more intuitive than LogMeIn due largely to the powerful active directory searches and the full support for VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure) RDP, (Remote Desktop Protocol) and Citrix sessions. You can manage your accounts, groups and also be able to reset passwords with ease. It also works proficiently in letting you remotely change names as well as apply for a domain memberships.

Moreover, you can invite any operator to join a session, use text or audio chat to communicate and also share info via both screenshots and video recording. Speaking of price, it’s competitive. In essence, Goverlan is fully equipped to be a productive substitute for LogMeIn.


  • Quick access to attended/unattended computers
  • Powerful active directory searches
  • Performance monitoring feature 
  • Powerful active directory searches


  • Mac version is still in beta

Pricing: 30-day free trial, $29/month (billed annually, per concurrent tech)

Visit: Website

8. AnyDesk

Simply put, “AnyDesk” is both an affordable and highly trusted remote desktop app. So, you can get more than a decent LogMeIn alternative without much compromise. There are three features that have called for my attention in this software. First and foremost, it comes with a built-in file transfer feature that allows you to transfer files between computers without any hassle.


The second, it makes online collaboration seamless. In this aspect, it comes very close to what LogMeIn has to offer. Therefore, you can hold an online meeting and comfortably work on the same project with your team. And the third, it’s much lighter (3MB) than most of its counterparts. That means it is more responsive and runs a lot faster. Moreover, AnyDesk is free for personal and the pro version starts at just $10.99/month which makes it a fine cheaper alternative to LogMeIn.


  • Very light and responsive 
  • Built-in file transfer feature
  • Makes online collaboration seamless
  • Cost-effective 


  • Lacks powerful customization tools 

Pricing: Free for personal use, $10.99/month/one session

Visit: Website

9. UltraVnc

Should you want a reasonably good remote access software for free, try out UltraVNC. The app doesn’t have a nice looking UI nor does it come with a wide range of modern features to compete with LogMeIn. But far as reliable performance and simplicity are concerned, it’s not behind. Do note that you need to run a VNC server on the computer sharing the desktop and a VNC client must be installed on the device that will access the shared desktop. As for setup and connectivity, I think the tool is up to the task (if not the best in the business).



  • Easy-to-use
  • Reliable performance 


  • The UI looks dull
  • Comparatively, less secure 

Pricing: Free

Visit: Website

10. TightVNC

Last but not least, “TightVNC” isn’t a robust remote control software, unlike LogMeIn. But the tool has covered most of the basics to be more than just a decent asset for the ones who want to access computers remotely and control them without having to pay anything. The UI doesn’t look intuitive but it’s not difficult to handle. In terms of connectivity, it’s definitely not the fastest going around but you can fully trust it to get your work done most of the time. Like LogMeIn, it’s designed for cross-platform usage. So, it doesn’t matter which device you are using, you can take advantage of this free LogMeIn alternative to control your remote device both for personal and commercial usage.



  • Designed for cross-platform
  • Simple interface 


  • The app feels sluggish
  • The connection is not quick 

Pricing: Free

Visit: Website

Bonus: Chrome Remote Desktop

If you are craving for an incredibly straightforward remote access tool for basic usage, look no further than Chrome Remote Desktop. You can use this tool to access other computers or allow your team to access your machine without breaking any sweat. It’s designed to be lightweight and works a lot faster than many of its counterparts including LogMeIn. As for compatibility, it’s available on multiple platforms like web, iOS, and Android so that tracking your device remains an easy affair to you.

Chrome Remote Desktop


  • Lightweight, and runs a lot faster
  • Minimalist UI
  • Available for web, iOS, and Android


  • Lacks an intuitive file-transfer feature 


Visit: Website

Windows Remote Desktop

Just like Chrome Remote Desktop, Windows also offers a built-in remote desktop experience. While it’s nowhere near as powerful as LogMeIn, if you only require to use it once in a while, you can use it get things done. The obvious drawback of using Windows Remote Desktop is that it only works on Windows operating system. If this is something that appeals to you, you can click here to learn how to set it up.

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Choose the Best Remote Access Tools like LogMeIn

There you go! Now that you have explored several notable remote access tools very similar to LogMeIn, go for the one that looks more equipped to suit your demand. If you are looking for a remote access platform for personal or basic usage, I think the free or cheaper alternatives to LogMeIn would be the right picks. But if your requirement demands a powerful tool with high-end security and pro features, services like SimpleHelp, RescueAssist, and TeamViewer would be better options. Anyway, let me know your favorite remote access software and the features you find appreciable in it.

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