10GB for £10 – Virgin Mobile’s new SIM only deal just made data cheaper

Entering a new phone contract can be daunting, particularly if you are are trying to cut costs wherever possible. Get it wrong and you could end up committing yourself to a tariff that fails to offer the best value – that’s why increasingly more people are opting for SIM only deals.

As long as they’re coming with lots of minutes, texts and data, going SIMO can be a great option when you get to the end of your contract. And if affordability is your primary concern but you still need plenty of data, then Virgin Mobile could be your best bet right now. Virgin’s latest SIM only deal is offering you a very attractive 10GB for £10 per month, having cut its original price from £16. This basically means you’re paying £1 for every GB you want, that’s way less than the price of a cup of coffee per GB.

As if that isn’t enough it is also offering 5000 minutes and unlimited texts with that deal, so that you don’t have to compromise your data needs for your calling or texting.

Keep reading to learn more about this ace new SIMO deal from Virgin Mobile or, if you have greater data requirements, we’ll tell you about what else the network has on offer.


Virgin Mobile’s new SIM only deal in full:

What other SIM only deals does Virgin have?

If you’re a heavy streamer or are looking for more data then don’t worry because Virgin Mobile’s other SIM only deals include a 45GB data tariff for £18 a month and 120GB data for £22 bills. 

Or if you happen to be a Virgin broadband and/or TV customer then you could get its unlimited SIM only deal. That comes with literally unlimited everything – data, texts and minutes for only £32 a month.

Looking for less data or something a little different? Go check out our SIM only deals guide to find your perfect SIM only deal. And for any data fiends out there, make sure to check our unlimited data SIM only deals guide, too.

Why pick a Virgin Mobile SIM only deal? 

If you’re still unsure on this, let Virgin put your mind at ease. It has many other perks and freebies on offer to convince you to come its way. From discounts for students on selected bundles, to the odd free iPhone and iPad on selected plans. You can even bag a cash reward when you refer friends and family.

To learn more, head straight over to the Virgin Mobile website.

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