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Whether you’re looking for the latest breaking news, to read about the best in high school and college sports, find something to do in the local dining and entertainment scene or find out how the South Bend Tribune is acting as your local watchdog against abuses of power, our app brings you what you want.
And it’s delivered fast straight to your phone or tablet.
Not convinced? Here are six other things you’ll love about the South Bend Tribune app.
Pull out your phone, tap the app, and all the day’s news, sports, weather and entertainment is right there.
You pick what stories are most interesting or important to you. Bookmark stories you want to read later. Set the weather forecast down to your own ZIP code. Sign up for subject-specific newsletters.
Speaking of newsletters, The Tribune’s popular retail and dining column shows up twice a week to update you on the newest places opening around town. Add in the twice-weekly Market Basket Roundup of tidbits and have-you-heards, plus the ability to sign up for the Market Basket newsletter, and you’ll be the most in-the-know of your friends.
Whether it’s the Top Stories tab or the Popular tab, you can quickly see which stories are getting the most attention right now.
No bars? No Wi-Fi? No problem. Offline reading mode can keep you plugged in even on the plane or in a remote location.
Set up notifications for exactly what kinds of stories you want to be pinged on right away.
Get started now by downloading the South Bend Tribune app.