10 Best Raspberry Pi 4 Cases in 2019

Raspberry Pi 4 was released with much fanfare and hype. The latest model of this tiny computer is built on a powerful ARM processor and can render 4K resolution without breaking a sweat. Since the new CPU is quite powerful, it can heat significantly and you may need something to bring down the temperature. And that’s why we need cases which can cool down the CPU besides protecting the main board from dust.

List of the Best Raspberry Cases

Here, we have ranked the 10 best Raspberry cases you can buy right now. Most of the cases have cooling fans, vents, and several heat sinks to cool down the CPU. Also, if you are buying a case to give your Raspberry Pi a distinctive look, we have indeed mentioned a few great looking cases. Now having said that, let’s jump to the list.

1. Miuzei Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Miuzei has been creating some of the best Raspberry Pi cases for older models and this time too, it has come up with the most compact and durable case for the latest model. It has the dual acrylic layers on top and bottom to firmly protect the mainboard. There is a cooling fan installed on top to bring down the overall temperature of Raspberry Pi. Along with that, it has 3 heat sinks which you can use to cool down the processor, RAM or LAN. The case has an open design so you can connect GPIO, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB cables without any issues. You also get an additional 5V 3A USB C power supply with the case. To sum up, Miuzei Raspberry Case is the best case for your tiny new computer and you can buy it without any hesitation.

Miuzei Raspberry Case

Buy Miuzei Raspberry Case from Amazon ($13.99)

2. iUniker Raspberry Pi 4 Case

iUniker offers another great Raspberry Pi 4 case which looks and functions very similar to the Miuzei case. It has a dual acrylic protective film on top and bottom with a cooling fan mounted on top. There are also three open vents on top to dissipate the air quickly. Since iUniker has an open design, you can easily connect cables and cords without any problem. But do note that unlike Miuzei, it doesn’t come with an additional power supply. Nevertheless, iUniker provides a great Raspberry Pi 4 case and you can buy it for its open and cool looking design.

iUniker Raspberry Case

Buy iUniker Raspberry Case from Amazon ($8.99)


3. Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case

If the third-party cases don’t cut for you, there is an official Raspberry Pi 4 case straight from the foundation itself. The official Raspberry Pi Case is completely modular and you can install the mainboard directly without drilling holes or tightening screws. Just open the lid and fit the board in the case. Also, the official case is created using ABS plastic so it can easily handle high temperature without burning or significant heating issues. The best part is that the case is precisely cut out for all the external ports including GPIO, HDMI, USB, Ethernet, microSD card and USB-C power connector. Simply put, if you are looking for a uni-design box protecting from all sides, the official Raspberry Pi 4 Case is for you.

Official Raspberry Case

Buy the Official Raspberry Case from its website ($4.99)

4. Flirc Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Flirc is known for creating high-end Raspberry Pi 4 cases and it looks absolutely great. Unlike acrylic plastic, it uses a premium aluminum body to enclose the mainboard from all sides. There are also multiple heat sinks to dissipate heat efficiently. The cut-outs are precise and you can connect all sorts of cables and cords without any limitation. If you are looking for the best looking Raspberry Pi 4 case, I strongly recommend getting a case by Flirc. It’s a joy to hold and look at.

Flirc Raspberry Case

Buy Flirc Case from its website ($15.95)

5. Jun-Electron Case

Unlike most other cases which have acrylic material, Jun-Electron offers an aluminum case at a cheaper price. The case may not look as good as the Flirc case, but it does provide a distinctive design in an aluminum enclosure. You also get a cooling fan, several vents on top and bottom and precise cut-outs for all the external ports. I would say Jun-Electron is a much better value in terms of good looking design and form factor. If you want anything but an acrylic case for your Raspberry Pi 4 at a cheaper price, Jun-Electron is the best pick for you.

Jun-Electron Case

Buy Jun-Electron Case from Amazon ($8.99)


6. GeeekPi Acrylic Case

GeeekPi Acrylic Case is another great case for Raspberry Pi 4. Similar to other cases, it uses acrylic material to cover the mainboard. It has a cooling fan on top and 4 heatsinks to dissipate the heat. The design is not entirely open, but the cut-outs have ample space to connect various ports. The GeekPi Acrylic Case does look cool and distinctive from other cases. If you are looking for an alternative, the GeekPi Acrylic Case can be a good alternative.

GeeekPi Acrylic Case

Buy GeeekPi Acrylic Case from Amazon ($9.99)

7. Yahboom Acrylic Case

Yahboom Acrylic Case is an easy to assemble case for Raspberry without requiring any screws. As it’s evident, it’s an acrylic case, enclosing the board from all sides. There is also a cooling fan which you can install on top. Besides that, the cut-outs are accurate and you can easily connect Ethernet, microSD card, power cable, etc. While the case has all the standard features, it has something unique on its case. The Yahboom case comes with an Omnivision camera sensor installed on top. That’s awesome, right? Well, if you are looking for a case which also brings camera features to your Raspberry Pi, Yahboom Acrylic case is for you.

Yahboom Acrylic Case

Buy Yahboom Acrylic Case from Amazon ($16.99)

8. Fysho Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Fysho offers a decent Raspberry Pi 4 case which has a boxy look with a cooling fan on top. Since the case is made with acrylic material, the design is very similar to other cases in this list. It has everything that you would want in a Raspberry Pi case. There are enough vents to dissipate heat, exact cut-outs for all the external ports and 3 heatsinks at the bottom. If you want a generic-looking case which can do the job sufficiently well, Fysho can be a good alternative.

Fysho Raspberry Case

Buy Fysho Raspberry Pi 4 Case from Walmart ($12.69)

9. Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Case

Raspberry Model B Case is another simple case which has an acrylic shell box design. The case is enclosed from all the sides and there is a cooling fan as well on the top. You have precise cut-outs for all the ports so you don’t have to worry about that. The great part about this case is that it has an open space for GPIO so you can easily insert pins without opening the case. All in all, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Case is a decent case with a simple design and ample vents. You can buy this case if you are looking for a generic looking alternative.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Case

Buy Case from Newegg ($13.99)

10. Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Raspberry Pi 4 Case is another generic case which works for the most part. It’s a transparent acrylic case with enclosure from all sides. There is a cooling fan installed on top of the case and 2 heatsinks at the bottom. You have precise cut-outs for all the external ports including HDMI, GPIO, USB, power supply and more. Simply put, Raspberry Pi 4 Case is a decent offering and you can buy it if you want a simple looking case.

 Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Buy Case from Walmart ($15.99)

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Pick the Best Raspberry Pi 4 Case and Give It a New Look

So that was our list of 10 best Raspberry Pi 4 cases which you can buy without any hesitation. Most of the cases come with cooling fan and heatsinks. So if you are going to stretch your Raspberry Pi to the brink, the fans will help you a lot in cooling down the CPU. Besides that, the case gives a distinctive look to your tiny computer so cases are definitely a great way to personalize Raspberry Anyway, that will be all from us.

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